Why the name Barehoof Pet Care is Better for Pet Owners and Pets?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC is Better for

all the pet owners and pets located around Waverly, Camphill, Auburn, Opelika and surrounding areas. Just in case you didn't read it on our Home page here are 12 good reasons why we are better for your Dog Care and Walking, Horse Care and Riding, and Pet Sitting Services!

I am a trusted and recommended dog care taker/walker and horse care taker and rider in

Alabama and Georgia. Check out my Fb business page Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, Yelp, and Google pages for some good reviews and recommendations! 

Here are 12 good reasons to choose Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise for your Dog Care and Walking, Horse Care and Riding, and Pet Sitting Services in 15 counties: Chambers, AL; Clay, AL; Lee, AL; Macon, AL; Randolph, AL; Cleburne, AL; Russell, AL; Tallapoosa, AL; Chattahoochee, GA; Coweta, GA; Harris, GA; Heard, GA; Meriwether, GA; Muscogee, GA; Carrol, GA; Talbot, GA; Troup or in these locations Waverly, Camphill, New Site, Auburn, Phenix City, Salem, Smiths, Opelika, Beauregard, Wadley, Wedowee, Woodland, Roanoke, Rock Mills, Lafayette, The Valley, West Point, LaGrange, Carrollton, Lineville, Franklin, Bowdon, and Ranburne and most surrounding areas.

I am a trusted and recommended dog care taker/walker and horse care taker and rider in

Alabama, Kentucky, and Georgia.

Barehoof Pet Care's philosophy:

1. I will always meet every new customer, free of charge, before any booking is confirmed.

2. With no staff currently on our books, you can be assured of Hoof-n-Paw Mama Chanoah’s personal and professional attention at all times, your pet can really bond with their sole care taker.

3. Dog Walking in downtown Waverly is quiet and peaceful. Playtime is safe yet exciting with their paw pals or Their new Paw-Mama and Playmate Chanoah and a half acre. BPC prefers not to walk dogs on side walks and streets but in more natural environments like in grassy fields, on hiking trails, and on farmland. We may start out on sidewalk but our destinations will always be off roads and sidewalks.

4. Chanoah reinforces your dog’s training by sprinkling commands of come, sit, lay down, stay, shake, find it and fetch, with plenty of happy and bouncy play time with doggy friends.

5. Chanoah practices positive training techniques with dogs and horses: Your pets are always rewarded for doing right, not scolded for doing wrong but shown what to do right and positively rewarded with rubs and treats.

6. Chanoah will text you every 12 hours and after each and every dog walk, pet visit, puppy or horse visit if would like us to do that -here at Barehoof Pet Care I understand how you worry when you’re not with your paw, fur, or hoof kids. We snap photos and take videos of your pet regularly and can send them to you via text, Facebook pm, Instagram posts by your permission or email.

7. Barehoof Pet Care transports pets in the comfort of an air conditioned vehicle, always attended and in accordance with the

USDA Animal Welfare Act.

8. Everyone who helps Hoof-n-Paw Mama Chanoah is Equine & Canine First Aid and Natural & Positive Reinforcement Training Trained, Insured, and Police Background Checked. Our integrity, reputation and service, as well as your peace of mind, are of paramount important to us.

9. Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC was established in 2010 previously as MC Horsemanship ~ a horse rescue and we are still going strong now being reestablished as Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC and Chanoah is still working as a kennel manager at Rescue K-911 in Camphill, AL– testimony that there is plenty of Hoof-n-Paw Mama Chanoah's Love to go round!

10. A life time of experience with animals and a passion for their welfare, coupled with a mature and responsible can do attitude, makes Chanoah level headed and confident in her sole charge of your pet.

11. Chanoah is willing to consider working with animals who display challenging behaviour on a 1-1 basis following agreement with the owner regarding safety measures and supportive training.

12. And last but by no means least: We offer at least 1-2 pop-ins or as many pop-ins as it takes to get your pets familiar with their new paw-hoof mama taking care of them for just half of your sitting or exercise fee per day. Plus we offer all of these FREE offers:

•FREE initial consultation in your paw or hoof kid’s home environment.

•FREE negotiable quotes for all services

•FREE and plentiful love and cuddles for your pets

•FREE SMS text with updates each and every time we visit your pet, walk your dog or ride your horse.

•We also cover a 50+ mile radius of counties near Chambers County..just ask us if we can come to your location.

We care for ALL domestic and farm pets! Not just dogs and cats so if you need us to watch your small domesticated rodents or goats or chickens too! That's alright, Chanoah at Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC will give them the most loving and natural care!

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And here are 5 more reasons why it is better for your horse to be barehooved when a shoe is not absolutely necessary! 

1. A healthy barehoof will grow thicker walls, thicker soles and a healthier frog.

2. A barehoof horse will usually have healthy hooves into old age.

3. A barehoof horse can be fitted with hoof boots to protect the hooves if and when protection is needed.

4. A barehoof horse kicks with feel, meaning as it has feeling in its hooves it can tell how hard to kick, as opposed to a kick from a shod horse which has impaired feeling and touch sensation in its hooves, and may inadvertently kick much harder than intended.

5. A barehoof horse can be maintained by its owner with some training and educating into barehoof maintenance trimming.

Does more Natural Pet Care Interest you? I will provide a natural pet care consultation where you can learn how to feed and care for your pet naturally for 30 mins. for FREE! Ask me about it!