Meet Chanoah Warren

Barehoof Pet Care's Owner

Where my love for animals and pet-sitting began was at my single mother's farm in Alabama. She raised many farm animals as well as exotic animals. We had somany neat species of animals to include hedgehogs and a prairie dog. I wanted a horse so bad when I was a child. I begged my mother for one as soon as I was able to say horse. It had to be a Leopard Appaloosa (a Dalmatian horse). When I was about seven years old my mother told me that if I could care for all of the farm animals alone she would buy me my spotted horse. So I did just that. I fed/watered and checked on all the goats, geese, chickens, turkeys, doves, hedgehogs, the prairie dog, the pot-bellied pig, cats and dogs for one year. Then when I was turned eight my mother bought my spotted horse Sugarfoot.

From Sugarfoot my first horse, a 2 1/2 year old leopard appaloosa filly who took good care of me while I learned to ride at our farm as an 8-year-old kid; Apache the Grullo filly and the first horse I started under saddle and trained for barrel racing when I was fourteen years old, later winning a barrel race or two with her in an outdoor arena in Camphill, Alabama; Lana the love bug Dalmatian and my forever loyal best friend; to Aisha the Lakota Pinto Appaloosa and current love of my life; horses and dogs as well as many other pets have been a part of my life for longer than I can remember!

I am a lifelong equestrian, student of the horse and certified barn manager who lives and runs her mobile pet care business in Waverly, Alabama. My expertise includes training, colt starting and instructing, breeding stallion handling, classical principles of dressage and horsemanship, riding in various Western disciplines (over 20 years of experience in this area), leading horseback trail ride tours and solving horse and dog behavioral problems.

I am fine-tuned with my extensive set of skills as a lifelong equestrian, horse trainer, and instructor while also studying the classic principles of dressage and horsemanship at the prestigious Equus Academy under the tutelage of internationally renowned equestrian, trainer, and coach, Jean-Philippe Giacomini, who is hailed as one of the true few masters of piaffe and passage, the most challenging dressage movements, and who had the utmost distinction of training the first of 15 Grand Prix dressage horses at only 17 years of age.

Pictured above is me working with J.P. Giacomini's Andalusian-Lusitano stallion named Fabuloso in 2010. Pictured below is me working with many of the other horses in my life.

I served as an intern, barn manager, and working student for Baroque Farms in Harrodsburg, Kentucky where Master Horseman Jean-Philippe Giacomini participates in the breeding and preservation of the lineage of the Lusitano horse. I also managed and was head trainer at a sixty Arabian horse breeding farm called Dasara Farms in Social Circle, Georgia, which was also incredibly rewarding but still I couldn't find the path on which I was truly happy.

I worked at a dog rescue called Dog Patch Ranch and Animal Sanctuary where I taught horse riding lessons to the owner, trained their single horse, cared for the horse and dogs and solved dog behavioral problems. I learned so much about all types of breeds of dogs there and gained much of my dog training and care experience.

I received a Bachelor’s Degree in Business with an emphasis in Equine Science from Dickinson State University.

I spent six years in my twenties running MC Horsemanship a horse rescue in Auburn, Alabama that supported horses that needed to be rescued and rehabilitated due to abuse and/or neglect.  I hosted trail rides and taught horse riding lessons in exchange for donations used to fund the care of the rescue horses. I enjoyed this rewarding experience, but couldn't see myself doing it forever due to the expenses and heartbreak each time I lost or adopted out one of the rescue horses.

So, after I started working at a dog rescue called Rescue K-911 in Camphill, Alabama and I met several people who needed a reliable pet sitter, dog walker, and horse rider I decided to open my own small business. I realized that over the years I had been looking after several friends and other peoples' pets and horses and all I wanted out of all that was to own my own business where I work with animals. I still currently put in hours at the dog rescue but I also run my business and pet sit, board, ride horses and walk dogs. I opened my business my I wanted to help my community's pets and pet owners especially the ones with rescued pets! 

I opened my small pet care business Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC because I wanted to offer a business that specializes in natural care and zen union, exercise, and play with the pets. I wanted me and my few employees to treat our customers' pets with love and respect just like we do our own. 

I opened BPC because I wanted to offer our business services to Chambers County and all the surrounding counties in Alabama and Georgia. I wanted to offer very affordable and negotiable rates and services that everyone could afford without lowering the quality of the pet care that me and my employees provide. 

I opened BPC because I wanted to make sure that customers' pets feel loved & comfortable while their owners are away. I don't like that some pets spend most of their time in an indoor or outdoor kennel alone while their human parents are away. I want them to have the freedom to be in the house, run in the yard, have many walks, and lots of playtime just like they have with their parents while they are away and staying with me or one of my BPC sitters/walkers. 

I opened BPC because I feel there was a need for pet sitters that sit farm animals too. I grew upon a farm and I feel like farm pets are just as loved and important as dogs, cats, and small domesticated pets.

I opened BPC because I am a horse trainer who prefers to exercise the horse in a way that the horse feels is fun and fear and restriction free and I know that there are many horse riders like me that would be willing to work for me. I also know that there are many horse owners that need a rider for their horse because they are too busy to ride and/or their horses are over fed and under exercised.

 I also opened BPC because I know there are many active dogs out there that need active, athletic sitter and walkers that can keep up with their fun, playful energy.

But the main reason I opened BPC is because spending time with animals has always been at the top of my list of things that make me zen, relaxed, happy, and energized, and I know I'm not the only one like this in my area. So when one of my friends suggested I enter into the pet care industry I had to stop and think about it. The idea of my small pet care business took shape and grew into all the ideas above until opening BPC became almost all I could think about.

 I am studying again, this time instead of just Equine Studies, my studies are in natural care, training, and exercise for all domestic pets and farm animals. I am studying in how to better my pet care business so it caters to the needs and wants of my customers' and their pets.

 I know that this is the path for me. It makes perfect sense for me to turn my first love into my new career, and I have never been happier nor healthier than now while I care for and exercise pets and run my own pet care small business with my very pawesome, pet loving employees!

Thank you for supporting my small business Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC and my dream and my ideas!

-Chanoah Warren (Owner/Pet Care Giver/Sitter/Exerciser)

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