Licensed, Insured, & Bonded

BPC is licensed with the State of Alabama and is insured with State Farm Insurance. 



How do you become a customer?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 8, 2018

In three easy steps, you can become a Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC Customer.

Our licensed, insured, and bonded professional pet care sitter, Zen but still active and aware dog walker and soft handed/experienced horse rider Chanoah Warren will provide a safe, healthy alternative to boarding, kenneling, and exercising your pets with other trainers. You can come to us or we can come to your home, so your pet does not have to leave the comfort of its familiar surroundings.

Discounts for all services may be given for multiple days per week and/or multiple animals per household. Let's negotiate! In respect for my neighbors I will not sit more than one dog at a time at my own home but I do offer multiple dog discounts for sitting multiple dogs in your home.

Here’s how it works:

Fb Message our Fb Business Page, Call Us Today at (334) 787-7156, or email us at [email protected] and leave the following information or send us an

inquiry on our contact page.


Please fill in as much (or as little) of the following fields to ask us a question, pass on a comment, request a service, or to just say hello!

All we ask is that you enter a phone number or email address where we can reach you.

Thanks for your interest in Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC!

First Name:

Last Name:


Best time for us to call:



Address 2:




Pet Names:

Pet Species:

Pet Breeds:

Pet Services Needed:

Date(s) of Pet Services Needed:

As soon as we get your inquiry, we will send you a welcome email!

Chanoah will call or email you within 24 hours to introduce herself, review your profile, answer any questions you have. She will also help build your first service schedule if you wish to proceed. We offer several different services to our customers.

You will meet Chanoah at our FREE Initial Consultation visit that she schedules with you.

Here, you meet with Chanoah to make sure that she is a good fit for you and your pets. She will review your profile with you and make sure that she has all the information and paperwork that she needs. She will then schedule a few pop-in visits at half price of the sitting or exercise price per day. These pop-in visits will help her learn your pets' schedules, characters, temperaments, dispositions, mannerisms, likes, and dislikes, etc. before you leave town and collect any more information or ask any questions she may come across during these practice pop-in visits.

Now you’re ready to enjoy your trip or go watch a movie with your honey or head into work while she cares for your pet(s)!

For your peace of mind, Chanoah can send you a text every visit or every 12 hours with a picture of your paw or hoof-kids. Additionally, every time we enter your home to complete a service, you will be notified via email or text.

If allowed, Chanoah will also post Instagram photos of your pets.

Thank you for becoming a customer with us and for allowing me to become your pet(s) new hoof-n-paw mama!

What is an Initial Consultation?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018


The goal of this meeting is for the customer to explain all the home and pets routines and make sure both parties are the right fit. During this time our Paperwork & Cancellation Policy will be reviewed between the customer and the pet caretaker. It is important that the customer provides all the information about their pets as possible. Chanoah has some very detailed questions to ask during this meeting in case you miss something. This consultation is completely complimentary.  We ask for two methods of entry to customer's home if it is needed. It is up to the customer's discretion to provide working methods of entry. It is the customer’s responsibility to make sure that all keys, garage codes, garage door openers, keypads, etc. are in working condition prior to leaving. Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC is not responsible for faulty keys, etc.

Methods of Payment:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 30, 2018

We accept Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Discover, Checks, or Cash with a requested receipt. Customers may leave cash/check as a gratuity method for their sitters.

Business Hours:  

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 30, 2018

Monday – Sunday: 24 hours a day

That's right! 24 hours! We are open for contacting and scheduling from 7 a.m. to 7 p.m. 7 days a week!During this time we return calls, fill schedule requests, etc. We do pet sit overnight and may exercise dogs or horses past these times if needed. 

Will You Take Care of my Pet without meeting them or me?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 6, 2018


No, we do require a completed profile in our customer service system, payment information, deposit and initial consultation before taking care of your pets. We know you don’t want a stranger in your home you haven’t met anyway…do you?

Do we always visit at the exact time scheduled?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 6, 2018


We book your visits within a 2-hour time block and will be there during that time. If time is critical, please let us know.

What do we do on a typical visit?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise  January 8, 2018


It depends on what service you want. We can do whatever you want in the time that you contract us to be there which is usually 10 mins. to 2 hours to full days or nights. Our pet sitting visits can include: Feeding per your instructions, fresh water, clean bowls, dogs walked (private dog walks…never pack walks), horse rides/lungeing/walking, love and playtime, brushing, quick potty breaks/haying, litter box and/or bird cage (etc.) cleaned, mail and newspaper brought in, plants watered, lights on and off. And of course, lots of LOVE.

What is our policy for keys?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018

We ask for two methods of entry to your home to be provided to us at your FREE Initial Consultation visit. It is up to your discretion to provide two working methods of entry. If you don’t provide two methods of entry and there’s an emergency with your pet caretaker (who has the only key) then it’s going to disrupt your service schedule. We ask that you make sure that all keys, garage codes, garage door openers, keypads, etc. are in working condition prior to leaving. It’s super stressful for you to get a phone call saying that your garage door battery died and we can’t get in. We can hold your keys for you in our secure, professional grade key safe for future visits if you wish for us to keep them. If you wish to have your keys returned to you:

1. We can leave them for you at your home for your return wherever you specify or

2. We can mail them back to you. Please allow 5-7 business days to receive them or

3.You can pick them up at our home office (2040 Patrick Street Waverly, Alabama 36879) We can coordinate a time together or

4. We can drive them back out to you for FREE.

Can I tip my Pet Care Taker?

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 6, 2018


YES! 100% of all tips left for Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise foot, paw, or hoof kid caretaker go to them. Your pet caretaker cares for your pets with a great deal of love and frequently go “above and beyond” the call of duty. If you were provided with great service it is appropriate to tip your pet sitter 10-20% of the total bill if you wish to do so.

Mileage Fees:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018

*Mileage fee added if pet is more than 40 miles from carer’s home. This is a $0.545/mile charge added to the cost of your service.


Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 30, 2018

All bookings are subject to Barehoof Pet Care Terms and Conditions on the Pawlicies page and in our paperwork we fill out during our initial consultation.

Time and a half will be charged for Bank Holidays, New Year’s Eve and Christmas Eve, Christmas Day, and New Year’s Day!


Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 06, 2018

*Proof of up-to-date vaccinations required for all animals especially rabies and flea/tick treatments for dogs and cats.

Customer To Do List & Equipment that we use:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018

What to do to as a customer with Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise:

1. Read and understand our Pawlicies (Policies) and service information on our website

2. Make reservations early at least 24 hours before your needed date, especially during holidays. 

3. Makes a list of all your pets information to help you answer questions Chanoah asks you. Leave instructions along with Chanoah's detailed questionaire that details pet-care responsibilities and emergency contact information.

4. Affix current identification tags to your pet’s collar or horse's halter.

5. Maintain current vaccinations for your pet.

6. Leave a key with a trusted neighbor or friend. Be sure those extra keys work before giving them out.

7. Notify your veterinarian that a Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise pet sitter named Chanoah Warren will be caring for your pet. Authorize the vet to extend medical care during your absence if it becomes necessary.

8. Make sure all gates, fences, and latches in your yard or your fur-kid(s) outside play space are secure.

9. Make sure your fur-kid’s collars/harnesses/halters/bridles fit properly. Make sure electric fence collar batteries are properly charged and working properly.

10. If your fur-kid chews on things, set out acceptable chew toys.

11. Make sure to include your fur-kid’s favorite hiding places in your online profile. This helps the sitter find your pet if he/she does not appear when the sitter arrives.

12. If your fur-kid has any unusual habits, like destructive behavior when left alone, change in bowel or eating habits, etc., make sure to include this information in your profile.

13. Set out everything your pet needs in one accessible area. This includes food, treats, utensils, food and water bowls, feed buckets, water buckets, medications, leash, can opener, toys, paper towels, cleaning supplies, garbage bags, litter and scoop, broom and dustpan and/or vacuum cleaner, pet towels, newspapers or other housebreaking materials, and watering can for plants.

14. Provide extra food, litter, and supplies just in case you are home later than expected. OUT OF FOOD? Did your pet run out of food while I was sitting it? That's okay! I will purchase more food for your pet for only a $20 charge! That's right $20 only! It all depends on the price of your food I will of course purchase any types of food. I can shop at Hollywood Pet Store, Petco, PetSmart, Tractor Supply Company, Walmart, Kroger, Floyd's Feed Store, or Newman's Feed Store. Just let me know the brand and I will pick it up.

15. Let us know if you want us to pick up after your dog. (We offer complimentary yard clean-up each time your fur-kid goes #2 in your yard. We use our own biodegradable poop bags. However, please do not expect your sitter to pick up any pet messes that accumulated before their contract period.) Please let us know where your muck pile is located and if you want us to clean up after your horse when we are done riding/exercising them in the arena or round pen.

16. Think about cleaning out your refrigerator so that food does not spoil, and wash all dishes so that there is no chance of ants or other pests invading the house while you are gone.

17. Make sure to include directions regarding how to control your heat and air conditioner, and which settings should be used for the comfort of your pet. Check your settings before you leave. If we are providing overnight services, instructions on how to use the TV remote and wifi access would be great (optional).

18. Close off any areas of your home that are off limits to the pet or sitter, and let us know in advance what areas they are not allowed like on the bed or the couches.

19. If you are leaving anything specifically for your pet sitter, such as a batch of cookies or a tip, make sure to leave a note. If Chanoah is allowed to eat food or drink anything that belongs to you please let them know. Chanoah will not take anything from a house unless we are specifically invited to!

20. Remember that for the safety of our sitters, we will not enter your home if there is another person in it. We will not provide care if another person is also providing care for your pet, and we must know what other people may access the house. The only other people that may be with Chanoah is her husband and/or helpers and she will let you know when they will be with her and ask permission at the initial consultation. 

We usually ride bareback with a bosal or with a bareback pad and snaffle bit or correction bit or our own Abetta saddles. But if you would like for us to use your tack please provide it for us to use. We do use dressage sticks, lunge sticks, and endosticks (sticks with foam balls on the ends) while doing any type of lungeing or schooling. If you wish for us not to use these please let us know.

Recall recall recall – we practice it on every single walk. Always! Your dog will not be lost with us with they are free. If you feel uncomfortable with natural walking then we can use a leash. Please provide proper collars/harnesses for a leash if you wish for us to use one. We do use a jorging/climbing harness to hook-up the dogs with their leashes when we want to power walk, run, or play with them.

Discounts for all services may be given for multiple days per week and/or multiple animals per household. Let's negotiate!

Please let her know if you do not wish for the sitter to have his company while at your house.

As always, you can Visit our website at, call or text us with any questions at 334.787.7156 or email us at [email protected]

Minimum Visits when sitting or popping-in:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 30, 2018

All dogs must be visited no less than three times in a 24 hour period, excluding customer departure and arrival dates. Visits occurring at least three times per day are veterinary recommended. All horses must be visited no less than two times in a 24 hour period, excluding customer departure and arrival dates. Visits occurring at least twice a day are veterinary recommended. All cats must be visited at least every other day. Visits once every 24 hours are veterinarian recommended. All other pets must have at least one visit in a 24 hour period.

Aggressive Pet:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018

Animals behavior can be unpredictable. Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC does not accept responsibility or liability for animal behavior, normal or otherwise, which results in injury or death to the client’s animals. If client pet(s) will not allow Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC/Pet Sitter into client's home/stall, or prevent client pet sitter to provide routine duties, Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise, LLC/Pet Sitter will contact client and/or client’s emergency contact listed in their profile in LeashTime and other care arrangements will be made. We do not provide free or discounted services if the dog’s aggressiveness prevents us from performing our regular duties. In the event client dog bites or injures the pet sitter, or any other pet/animal in the residence client are responsible for all medical fees associated with their injury. Additional charges may apply.

Medical Emergencies:

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 30, 2018

Medical emergencies can and have happened. Please make sure your veterinary information is up to date in your profile. In the event of a medical emergency, your pet sitter will call you immediately while seeking emergency veterinary care. Should your specified veterinarian be unavailable, we will take your pet to Dadeville Animal Hospital in Dadeville, Alabama, Auburn University Veterinary Hospital, Tuskegee University Veterinary Hospital or to whatever animal hospital that you specify. Transportation fees will be applied. $0.545/mile.


Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise January 25, 2018

Daily/Weekly Visit Cancellations:

A 24-hour advance notice is required for cancellations on all days. A refund will be issued only if a 72-hour advance notice has been given. 

*Cuddles and Treats are Free of Charge and Plentiful!

Barehoof Pet Care and Exercise February 6, 2018